Thursday, July 19, 2007

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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a web based Help Desk and Asset Management software whose features include contract managenent, purchasing and knowledge management functionalities. It integrates Ticketing, Asset Tracking, Purchasing, Contract Management and Knowledge base in one package. ServiceDesk Plus enables end-users to submit tickets via an online web form or through email. It automates several tasks such as case routing, acknowledging requester, technician notification and handling of SLA rules. It includes a Solutions module that allows you to document best practices and solutions to common problems in an online knowledge base.

ServiceDesk Plus offers inventory tracking functionality across Windows and Linux workstations. It can also track software licenses and let you know the number of over-utilized or under-utilized licenses across your organization.
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NetKeeper Help Desk Captain is a help desk solution for both external and internal support since it supports both LAN and web. NetKeeper handles call management, asset management & problem resolution.
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NetSupport Manager is a remote control solution designed to be a time-saving and cost-effective tool of the corporate help desk. Remote PC management, Hardware Inventory, Scripting over LAN, WAN, Internet, distribute files to multiple client workstations simultaneously and more. The NetSupport Scripting language can be used to automate tasks such as File Transfer, Data Retrieval and Software Updates. Full and comprehensive security is built into NetSupport Manager.
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